[CT Birds] Snowy Owls

Stefan Martin nafets519 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 21:07:23 EST 2017

Hey all,
I'll keep this very brief but I wanted to say something.. With this
incredible irruption year, we have all been given another opportunity to
view and enjoy these awesome birds.. With that being said, lets not go
overboard and give some space here. I've heard countless stories of people
going day after day after day to the same location observing the same bird
with groups exceeding 20 people at a fairly close range. Although the bird
may seem ok with this, let's keep in mind that large crowds aren't
necessarily the best way to observe these birds. Let's not get greedy. Can
I also suggest that any owls seen after dark are not posted to the list? I
never even thought that would be necessary to ask.. It seems like this is
getting a bit extreme and I'm not trying to tell people what to do by any
means. Do what you must but I think it's only fair to pull back a little if
you've had some quality time already.

Stefan Martin

Stefan Martin

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