[CT Birds] Westport CBC Harlequin Duck

Larry . lafly1953 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 10:34:33 EST 2017

During the Westport Christmas Bird Count by boat, I was randomly taking
photos of the many flocks of White-winged Scoter, I often do this on a boat
since it can be difficult to see birds between the waves and all the
rocking and rolling.
Later at home on my computers large monitor I could see that there was a
male Harlequin Duck mixed in with some of the scoter.
We were about a mile and a half off the Westport Shore line and 3/4 of a
mile east of Cockenoe Island.
Many thanks to Capt. Charlie Wetmore for taking us out there.
Here are some photos of the duck.


Larry Flynn

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