[CT Birds] Woodbury-Roxbury CBC Results- update including Rufous-type Hummingbird

Audubon Bent bentoftheriver at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 10:19:41 EST 2017

Thank you to all our volunteers and area captains for recruiting more
volunteers!  We had a great count overall, and I have all the data before
Christmas for the first time in years too!

90 total species on Count Day, plus 2 count-week species.

A new bird for our Count Circle is a count-week Rufous-type Hummingbird
that visited a hummingbird feeder in Southbury yesterday morning.  We do
not have any photographs, but a very solid description of a pale brown
hummingbird with no green visible, or bright red on the bird. It sat
licking the remnants of the feeder he forgot to take in this fall... This
is from someone who didn't know there could be other species besides
Ruby-throated in CT.  He has my contact information if the bird returns,
and will call immediately.

Other highlights:
2 Cackling Geese (New Milford)
2 Snow Geese  (New Milford)
1 hen Wood Duck (Lake Quassapaug)
Bufflehead in multiple locations
2 Long-tailed Duck (Lake Quassapaug)
2 Greater Scaup (Lake Quassapaug)
Ruddy Duck in 2 locations
2 Northern Shovelers (Lake Lillinonah)
1 Northern Pintail (Heritage Village water treatment plant)
2 Ring-necked Duck (Heritage Village water treatment plant)
4 Peregrine Falcon (2 on Cassidy Road, 1 Mitchell Farm, 1 New Milford)
1 Merlin (Mitchell Farm)
3 Northern Harrier (2 Mitchell Farm, 1 Cassidy Road)
2 Northern Saw-whet Owl
1 American Pipit (Shepaug Dam)
2 Rusty Blackbird (South Flat Hill in Southbury)
Vesper Sparrow (South Flat Hill in Southbury)
Purple Finch (Bethlehem)
2 Pine Siskin (Bethelehem)

Good Birding,
Ken Elkins
Audubon Center Bent of the River
Southbury, CT

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