[CT Birds] Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge border fence up for funding in Congress

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This is way outside CT but I remember some expressed concern about this
issue.  The notice was forwarded to me from MassBirds.  Evidently there is
still a chance to halt this because of the Finance bill due to be voted on
by Dec. 22nd.  I don't know if that number would work for CT Congress

Your calls are needed now!

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that the first new
section of the proposed border wall in South Texas’s Lower Rio Grande
Valley will be at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge.

Funding for this section of the wall is in the proposed federal budget, set
to be voted on by DECEMBER 22.

Calling 888-369-9935 <(888)%20369-9935> twice will connect you with both of
your senate offices.Tell them not to fund the pilot project at Santa Ana
NWR – no wall and no road! Calls to your congressman are also encouraged.

The proposed 2.9 mile section of wall would be constructed in a 10 mile gap
in the existing fence.On either side of this construction, there would be
no wall.The wall would be 30 feet tall with additional bollards atop
it.Additionally, there would be a 150 foot enforcement zone stripped of
vegetation next to the wall.This zone would include a road and surveillance
towers with floodlighting.It is uncertain what the fate of the refuge and
access to it would be after this construction.

Santa Ana NWR has been long been referred to as “the jewel of the National
Wildlife Refuge System”.The refuge is home or a crucial stopover site for
some 400 bird species that have been seen there, including migratory
waterfowl, raptors, warblers, and a suite of "South Texas specialties" that
are Mexican in character and barely range into Texas.  Other wildlife
species – from rare mammals to herps and butterflies – call the area home.

Here are some articles with additional details:




Additionally, the Save the Santa Ana group on facebook is a good source of

Your calls are needed WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY - calling 888-369-9935
<(888)%20369-9935> twice will connect you with both of your senate offices!

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