[CT Birds] Waterford, Harkness Highlights- King Eider, Iceland Gull, Snow Goose, interesting loon

Dyl Pedro pedrodyl at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 22 14:30:24 EST 2017

Today at Harkness, there were many seabirds along the coast. Goshen Cove was frozen over, so a few freshwater ducks ended up there as well. Highlights as follows:
4 Common Mergansers-hens off of Goshen Point, apparently frozen out of their local pond
1 King Eider- Immature male, and thus unrelated to any of the previous records from CT this fall? First seen swimming wast of the cut to Goshen Cove, then it flew east around Goshen Point and out of sight. I wasn't able to relocate it but it could still be around somewhere.
1 Iceland Gull- continuing 2nd cycle on the beach with many other gulls.
1 Snow Goose-continuing immature flying east over the hill north of Goshen Point
I also had an interesting loon off of Goshen Point that seemed to have the round head and straight neck line of a Pacific Loon, but it kept diving further away and in and out of the waves.
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Good birding,
Dylan Pedro

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