[CT Birds] 2k blackbirds, Hopeville

Brian Williams brianw15th2v at att.net
Mon Dec 25 17:26:37 EST 2017

By 9am the snow was accumulating but I hadn't seen any birds and few and far between for the weekend for that matter, so it was a great surprise to find approx. 200 cowbirds flying from trees to the two small feeders I keep.  Most were imm. and there were some grackles in the mix and from the tails it appeared as many were red-wingeds but go ahead and try to difference imm. blackbirds when the snow is coming down.   At least with grackles the beak and eyes are prominent.  At 13:30 the line of blackbirds extended at least a half mile, 1500-2000, an imm. red-winged flew directly in front of me displaying wingbars, a handful of female cowbirds were joined by males at the feeder, maybe half of the total was imms., all in the northbound flyway.  

Brian Williams    

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