[CT Birds] Preliminary Bristol CBC results

Jack Swatt jswattbirds at snet.net
Sun Dec 31 12:20:08 EST 2017

 The light snow and biting cold didn't hamper the enthusiasm of the participants of the 28th Bristol CBC, but it did make it harder to find the birds.I'm still waiting for a few more reports, but overall numbers look good but still less than our 1 year average, with some record numbers of some species.  The only rarity was a Ross's Goose found in Farmington by Darlene Moore and Michael Aronson, along with a Snow Goose in the same flock.  Other highlights include 2 Juvenile Iceland Gulls at Lowes parking lot in Plainville found by Ray and Jean Johnston, and 6 Winter Wren found by Jenna Ziogas in the Chippen's Hill area of Bristol.  With all the iced-in lakes, the only other significant waterfowl besides the Ross's Goose were 2 Wood Ducks and 1 American Wigeon, all 3 were  new species to the Bristol Count. Other species new to the count were Muscovy and Savannah Sparrow.  Common Grackle was previously just a count week species, but 3 were seen this year at a Southington feeder. Other new high species counts include Canada Geese 2835, Mallard 305, Hooded Merganser 38, Ring-necked Pheasant 15, Iceland Gull 2, Fish Crow 10, Brown Creeper 4, Winter Wren 6, Golden-crowned Kinglet 22, and White-throated Sparrow 138. Total species (so far) is 58 with 7334 total birds which were both down from last year, probably due to the weather conditions.
I'd like to thank all the participants of this years count for their dedication despite the weather.  Your efforts will help continue this 1900 original, yet newly revived Christmas Bird Count.
Jack SwattWolcott, CT

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