[CT Birds] Hamden sapsucker, right on cue - and Thank You!

Florence McBride fmcb_warbler at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 31 17:44:59 EST 2017

12/31, Hamden, Spring Glen back yard feeding station — As has been the case in so many past years, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker has shown up here right around the end of December/ beginning of January.  Today an adult male visited our suet several times, first observed at 10 am, last at 4 pm.  In the past this species has frequented the spruce by our back porch, where numerous rows of sapsucket holes can be seen.  I’ll be interested to discover whether we have more sapsucker sightings here in 2018, and if so, whether it/they visit the spruce as well as the suet, and whether we stop seeing them later in January.
	As 2017 comes to a close I want to thank all of you who contribute so much to our birding community in so many ways — including by making information available on ctbirds.  You really make a difference.
	Happy New Year with lots of good birding!  And let’s hope that in 2018 our country will experience a renewed commitment to conservation of the natural places and wildlife that we care so much about.

Flo McBride

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