[CT Birds] Hamden sapsucker, right on cue - and Thank You!

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I have had a male sapsucker on my suet and peanut feeder that last 2
winters. He spends a great deal of time hanging out on the tree holding the
feeders.. the only bird that spooks him is the red bellied woodpecker

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> 12/31, Hamden, Spring Glen back yard feeding station — As has been the
> case in so many past years, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker has shown up here
> right around the end of December/ beginning of January.  Today an adult
> male visited our suet several times, first observed at 10 am, last at 4
> pm.  In the past this species has frequented the spruce by our back porch,
> where numerous rows of sapsucket holes can be seen.  I’ll be interested to
> discover whether we have more sapsucker sightings here in 2018, and if so,
> whether it/they visit the spruce as well as the suet, and whether we stop
> seeing them later in January.
>         As 2017 comes to a close I want to thank all of you who contribute
> so much to our birding community in so many ways — including by making
> information available on ctbirds.  You really make a difference.
>         Happy New Year with lots of good birding!  And let’s hope that in
> 2018 our country will experience a renewed commitment to conservation of
> the natural places and wildlife that we care so much about.
> Flo McBride
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