[CT Birds] planned timber harvest, Pumpkin Hill WMA, Chaplin

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Sat Jan 6 11:48:40 EST 2018

I was informed that the listserve doesn't support attachments.  So if
anyone would like to see a copy of the timber harvest plan, feel free to
email me directly and I will email you a copy.

The questions I emailed to Ed McGuire, the DEEP forester, were these:

*The plan takes the cerulean warblers into consideration by not beginning
the harvest between May 1st and June 30th.  But in the case where the
harvest begins prior to May 1st, it seems possible that harvest operations
could still be going on in May, June, and July when the cerulean warblers
are present.  If that happens, then it seems possible that, in addition to
general noise disturbance, trees could be cut which contain active cerulean
warbler nests.   *

*If the purpose of the harvest is to remove hazardous trees near the road,
why does such an extensive area need to be involved in the harvest?  In
general it is dismaying that a seemingly ecologically significantly area
like Pumpkin Hill needs to be part of an extensive harvesting operation
that will change the character of the habitat for species or special
concern like the cerulean warblers and for recreational users.  *

*And although your plan states that the CT Natural Diversity Database was
reviewed and showed that no state and federal listed species and
significant natural communities are affected by the harvest, when I look at
the CT Natural Diversity Database map that is available to the public
online, I see that there are some listed species and/or communities nearby
(the online map does not give specifics).  It would be interesting to know
what these are and if suitable habitat for them exists in the harvest
*It's great that the thinning harvest you have planned for the Breakneck
area will be designed to enhance cerulean warbler habitat!  I don't see (in
ebird) that there have been many sightings of cerulean warblers up that
way.  Do we know enough about the behavior and habitat requirements of the
cerulean warblers to know that they would be likely to colonize the habitat
that you are creating?"*

Ann Lewis
Chaplin, CT
cell phone: 860 455 8731 <(860)%20455-8731>
email: annmlewis59 at gmail.com

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> Hello CT birders,
> Many of you have visited the Pumpkin Hill Wildlife Management Area in
> Chaplin to see the cerulean warblers which nest there. The DEEP is
> currently planning a timber harvesting operation in this area in order to
> salvage some dead and dying oaks with gypsy moth damage.  The harvest area
> covers 61 acres.  Although some cutting is necessary to remove hazardous
> trees along the road, it seems the harvest might be more extensive than
> necessary and will have a significant impact on the area where the cerulean
> warblers have been nesting.  I am forwarding an email I sent to the DEEP
> forester in charge, Ed McGuire, about this and he responded with the
> attached timber harvest plan.  My email contains I have some questions
> about protecting the cerulean habitat there. I am wondering if anyone on
> this list knows more about how this will impact the birds.
> There is a town meeting planned on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 4:00pm at
> the Chaplin Town Hall, 495 Phoenixville Rd, Chaplin where DEEP will be
> doing an informational session  on this harvest.  Public notice of that
> meeting from Chaplin website is also attached.  If CT birders would like to
> find out more about the impact of this timber harvest on the cerulean
> warbler habitat, I would suggest attending to show that we are interested
> and concerned about this situation on our public lands.
> Ann Lewis
> Chaplin, CT
> cell phone: 860 455 8731
> email: annmlewis59 at gmail.com
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