[CT Birds] Icy This and Snowy That

markaronson at gmail.com markaronson at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 15:26:58 EST 2018

So people have reported much these days, attesting to the insanity of this endeavor.  Curious about birding in the minuses, I went out to tick some of what there is to see, much of it icebound:

Snowy Owls at Long Beach Stratford, also one at Sikorsky Memorial Airport, at runway’s, seen from route 113.

Snow Buntings at the west end os Seaside Park in Bridgeport.  Also at Long Beach, and the sea wall in Stratford.

Iceland Gull, also at the wall, a juvenile.

Longspurs, allegedly from Lapland, an equally frigid place, sought grass seed in the meadow at seaside park.  Along with 200 horned lark, and the buntings.

Speaking of grass, there was that grasshopper sparrow, previously reported hanging at the bench at Stratford Point, it’s still there.  go figure, keeping the company of an American pipit.

As has been reported, fancy geese still are still to be seen, persistent like a barnacle, humorous and cackling.  Open water at Captain’s Cove is quite ducky, tufted, ruddy, backed with canvas.  

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