[CT Birds] planned timber harvest at Pumpkin Hill

Ann Lewis annmlewis59 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 13:50:52 EST 2018

To follow up on my post of a few days ago regarding the planned timber
harvest at Pumpkin Hill, I wanted to let people know that I received an
email response today from the forester in charge, Ed McGuire. They have
made some changes to the harvest plan to not allow any cutting during the
breeding season to protect any ceruleans that end up nesting there. They
have also added explanatory language that shows their harvest plan is
consistent with current best forest management practices to enhancing
cerulean warbler habitat.  A little information goes a long way!  I'm
looking forward to learning more about this at the town meeting tomorrow
afternoon (1/10).  Anyone who's interested in learning more about this
harvest plan and how it is intended to enhance cerulean habitat as much as
possible, should try to attend.  Hope to see you there! (Wed 1/10 at 4 pm,
Chaplin town hall, 495 Phoenixville Rd).  Many thanks to Chris Elphick and
Steve Morytko for getting involved in this issue.

Ann Lewis
Chaplin CT

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