[CT Birds] C Wrens = Best Birds!

Patricia Bailey bails at att.net
Tue Jan 9 16:06:21 EST 2018

I have had two very tame Carolina Wrens for the past 8 or 10 years.  (Not the same original pair.).  They wait at my kitchen door to be feed meal worms.  They also like chopped up suet.  They don’t like the riff raft of a crowd so when the titmouse and white-throats move in for the meal worms, the C Wrens take off.  During the recent cold spell, they came 4 - 5 times a day.  They also go to bed early, usually around 3 pm, depending on the time of year, but are one of the first to show in the a.m.  They are my sunshine during the bleak winter and I get very upset when they go missing.  The female takes off frequently (bad girl) and sometime the male leaves to search for her, but thankfully he's always returned.  I know she’s left him when he starts wailing (screaming!).  A couple of times a third C Wren has shown up but disappears in a day or two or has pushed out the resident C Wren and a change over has taken place.  But like Kathy, I worry about them all the time and all year long.
Pat Bailey
Sherman, CT

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