[CT Birds] Carolina wren support in Litchfield

William Moorhead whmoorhead at optonline.net
Tue Jan 16 11:14:42 EST 2018

Just following up on the Carolina Wren subject, FYI, a pair of Carolina 
Wrens first appeared at our house in northeast Litchfield ~1999±, during 
a bout of near 0 deg F temps in early December.  We tried a few things 
and ended up putting out straight all-natural chunky peanut putter in a 
suet log with holes.  What we think was that pair made it thru the 
winter and nested on top of the back porch the following spring.  We 
have continued with the peanut butter for the last 19+ years, and have 
always had a pair of Carolinas every winter.  In recent years we added 
meal worms, which the Carolinas seem to especially love.  We made a kind 
of a cave feeder out of stacked bricks, to slow down the rate of 
consumption by other birds, especially blue jays -- the wrens are 
perfectly happy to go into a dark tunnel to get the worms (as are 
chickadees and titmice).  Our this winter's pair of wrens seem to have 
made it thru this most recent cold spell.

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