[CT Birds] GOLDEN EAGLE-Quinebaug Trout Hatchery

Timothy L Thompson twodogs77 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 18 12:48:14 EST 2018

Central Village-Quinebaug Trout Hatchery-01/18/2018 9:45am -12:00pm
GOLDEN EAGLE (imm), BALD EAGLES (1-adult & 2 sub-adults), EASTERN PHOBE, GREAT BLUE HERONS (24), NORTHERN PINTAILS(2-Drake’s), RING NECKED DUCKS(19) and the usual Baug suspects. 
When I first arrived, saw large shadow/ movement through trees north of Pasture pond . First one, then two, then third large bird taking flight. When I cleared the hill top I then saw the three BALD EAGLES circling over the three hatchery ponds. They then flew over to the tall utility pole closest to the OSPREY nest (east), and perched. Shortly thereafter, 21 GREAT BLUE HERONS flew in from east-northeast and circled over the three ponds for three to five minutes. Their behavior similar to crows or gulls at a land fill. It appeared they may have been flushed from unknown roost. During this circling flight behavior three more GREAT BLUE HERONS joined in as they flew from behind me presumably taking flight from the pine trees around the Pasture pond. Of note was that compared to the first 21 arrivals the three new arrival GREAT BLUES were noticeably larger.  At this point, I spotted the GOLDEN EAGLE as it glided in from the east. The BALD EAGLES flew west to the river and beyond out of sight. The GOLDEN circled the ponds from 10:20 until 10:35 really coursing/canvassing the ponds and fields. At one point it flew low enough that we made eye contact. Amazing looks so close that I noted it’s left wing “white under patch” is noticeably larger the its right while in full glide.  At 10:35, It gained altitude and glided north. Amazing bird.

Timothy L. Thompson 
Norwich, CT

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