[CT Birds] Snowy Owl - Mansfield and Ashford

Parrot sisserou at charter.net
Tue Jan 23 19:56:40 EST 2018

A friend reported a snowy owl flying across 195 in Mansfield - Spring Hill area just before XMAS eve.  A neighbor report a snowy owl flying down on of the local roads here in West Ashford about a week.  Have searched local farms but to no avail.  I wonder if these two reports are the same bird making its way from field to field.

Last week, went to retrieve the mail late in the day - on the return to the house I heard the Barred Owls.  They often perch in the pines at the end of our driveway. Went in search of the owl, not in my trees, went to the road view my neighbors pines, no bird.  Then I noticed the owl on an oak branch at the edge of the road.  I was perhaps 20 feet away and it did not look at me but rather stared at the ground.  In the next second it flew across me to land on the shoulder and catch a rodent.  It then returned to my forest, landed in another oak tree and then another owl joined it and took the rodent.  I assume this is one of the 2017 babies we have been seeing this summer.  Then the adult returned to the oak at the edge of the road in search of more rodents.

A year ago the adults arrived at our house in the afternoon.  One landed on the deck rail to the right of the living room.  Then walked the rail to the front of the house and flew to the top of the T-stand from which hang the bird feeders.  Our young dog was in the love seat next to the window but 3 feet from this own.  This hound dog did not flinch or bark - sat motionless.  Owls searching for chipmunks - ignoring the small song birds and vice versa.

Ron, Ashford.

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