[CT Birds] New Britain Wood Duck

Spector, David (Biology) spectord at ccsu.edu
Mon Jan 29 12:06:22 EST 2018

This morning there was a drake Wood Duck at the pond at Stanley Quarter Park, New Britain.  He is with Mallards at the SW corner of the pond, where the stream enters and currently the only substantial patch of open water.  There was also an almost American Black Duck (Black Duck at first glance, but with a bit of green on his crown-maybe 3/4 or 7/8 Black Duck).

For those who want to puzzle over variation in Mallards, difficult identifications, and potential extreme vagrants, there was a female with a speculum that was a bit greener than those of the other Mallards and who had some dark near the base of the bill.  I'm pretty sure that she was a Mallard, but keep in mind that Mottled Ducks banded in their normal range have been recovered as far north as Wisconsin and New Jersey.

David Spector and the CCSU Biology of Birds class

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