[CT Birds] Don Morgan Update

JAMES ASMUTH jasmuth at snet.net
Sat Feb 17 17:10:42 EST 2018

After his recent accident, Don has undergone a series of operations to, hopefully, restore some degree of lost vision. The latest operation on his right eye has proved to be more successful than either his physician, or Don, had thought possible. Future surgery is planned for the left eye; but still, with very low medical expectations. Don can now at least distinguish larger shapes in brighter light conditions sufficient to allow him to navigate, for the most, with minimum assistance.  Although even with good lighting it is still like "seeing things at dusk".  As he describes it, he might be able to recognize a goose if it walked in front of him, but not a warbler. (But we all know that he would hear the warbler first anyways!)  Don would like to thank everybody in the birding community who has been reaching out to wish him the best. He especially enjoys to hear about and share your birding experiences. His contact number is 860-742-8108.

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