[CT Birds] IMPORTANT - CTBirds down time

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed Feb 21 11:33:22 EST 2018

The vendor we use for CTBirds must make some changes at some point over the next week or so.  This will mean CTBirds will be down for an unknown number of hours.

We DO NOT KNOW WHICH DAY it will happen (except that it should not be Sunday).

We have been told it will start around 8:00 AM.  After the vendor does what they have to do, we have to make a change at our end.  We can't predict how long that will take.  Once our change is made it may not take full effect for a couple of hours.

The bottom line: on some day, starting around 8 AM, CTBirds will become unavailable, and it will be AT LEAST a couple of hours (but possibly most of the day!) until it is fully restored.

Good birding!

Roy HarveyCTBirds admin/moderatorBeacon Falls, CT

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