[CT Birds] Bridgeport Redhead and Snow Geese

Larry Bausher LPBausher at comcast.net
Sun Feb 25 10:32:33 EST 2018

2/24/18 - Bridgeport, Captains Cove, 10:20 am, Seaside Park, 1:15 pm.

One female Redhead, found by Mark Aronson, with a small raft of Scaup near the western edge of the marina.  Another raft could be seen way out toward Black Rock Harbor.  I left the marina at 11:15 and returned at 12:45 and could not find a single Aythya species anywhere in the harbor off the marina, in Cedar Creek, or as far as I could see with bins out in Black Rock Harbor and beyond to Long Island Sound.  No Scaup were seen during a drive by Seabright Ave and St Mary’s by the Sea.  The tide was very low at the time.  Do they vacate the harbors at low tide and return later, move around a lot between the harbors and LIS, or are they possibly gone for the season?  I later found a single male Greater Scaup in Black Rock Harbor from the western end of Seaside Park.

At 1:15 I found the 17 Snow Geese reported by Frank Mantlik the previous day foraging in a rain pool at the western end of Soundview Dr.  They were not seen at 9:30 am at this location or on the ball fields during a previous spin around the park.

eBird reports with photos to follow.

Larry Bausher
West Haven

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