[CT Birds] Common Raven Egg-Laying

Stephen Broker stephenpaulbroker at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 11:32:49 EST 2018

The West Rock Ridge (Woodbridge) Common Raven pair has begun egg-laying.  This morning, two eggs are present in the well hidden cliff ledge nest with the adult female in incubation and the adult male on one of his sentinel trees.  Egg #1 was laid on February 25 (possibly one day earlier), with egg #2 laid this morning (possibly yesterday).  A check at the end of the day today will confirm the sequence, as ravens typically lay one egg a day for five or six consecutive days.  Connecticut Bird Atlas Block 95A, confirmed breeding CO(NE).

Three Great Blue Heron nests on the Konold’s Pond island rookery now are occupied, with five adult Great Blue Herons seen, including at least one pair.  Confirmed breeding, CO(ON).   

Steve Broker

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