[CT Birds] Robins and Waxwings

Kathy Van Der Aue kathyvda at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 09:49:59 EST 2018

Today is the day!  All winter long our American Highbush Cranberries
(Viburnum opulus americanum) have remained untouched, until this morning.
Today they are filled with returning Robins and Cedar Waxwings and by
tomorrow or at the latest, Saturday, they will be stripped of every last
remaining fruit.  I had wondered if these bushes we lovingly planted for
the birds were somehow inappropriate even though they are native and
supposedly bird friendly.  Do they have to reach a certain level of
fermentation? Maybe it's simply that they are they last thing left with any
nourishment at all.  Whatever the reason, the annual feast has begun.

Kathy Van Der Aue
Southport, Connecticut
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