[CT Birds] State St Hamden Eagles on Eggs

Mike Horn mfhorn at att.net
Sat Mar 3 13:39:21 EST 2018

Hi There State St Hamden Eagle Fans. The 2018 Nesting Season is officially
under way! As of Wed 2/28/18 one or the other has been on nest setting duty.
Today as I came back from my Sat (3/3/18) errands, I found Prince Philip
setting on the eggs with Queen Elizabeth II roosting in the back of the
guard tree doing nothing. The nest seemed to be in fine shape after
yesterday's Nor'easter. This is nesting number six and, as usual, our birds
are "late birds". I expect the eggs to hatch around April 5th to 7th
figuring roughly 35 days of incubation. This puts fledging around the 1st of
July. Plan your parties now. Regards to all, Mike Horn, Hamden, CT


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