[CT Birds] Atlas Empids - Redding

Jeremy Nance nance.jeremy at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 13:36:53 EDT 2018

Rachel Kennealy and I walked the Centennial Watershed Forest Trail
(starting from Easton at Poverty Hollow Road through Redding towards
Huntington State Park) this morning to census birds in block 92C.  The
highlights were three species of Empidonax, with expected Willow at the
large marsh on Poverty Hollow Road (in Easton) joined by a single singing
Alder Flycatcher (recorded) at the same location and four Acadian
Flycatchers at two locations along the trail.  I'm not sure whether the
Alder is a late migrant or is trying to nest, and I've only had Acadians in
this area at Trout Brook Preserve, so they were a nice surprise as well.
Icing on the cake was a family of Barred Owls with two newly fledged young
learning to fly.

Jeremy Nance
Easton, CT

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