[CT Birds] Listener beware. A Southington Cerulean turned into a Black-throated Blue

Hugh Whelan whelanh at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 19:26:23 EDT 2018

Hi Jack,
Thank you for your post. In full disclosure before I ask my questions I
should note: (1) I recorded a "Cerulean A3 song" along Hurricane Brook Road
north of East Hartland (far north CT) today but did not see the bird (and
it is an "unrecorded" species there); (2) I also recorded Black Throated
Blue Warbler songs there; and (3) I am a relatively new birder in my first
year and generally defer to the wisdom of those most experienced.

So my questions:
(1) Did you actually see the BTBW sing the Cerulean A3 song and record it
(i.e., did you record a sonogram and compare)? Or did you find a BTBW soon
after hearing the Cerulean A3 song in a place where there are alos BTBW?
(2) I am curious if you think The Warbler Guide is wrong? The app lists
similar songs to the Cerulean A3 song, but none sound very similar to the
A3 song (it only lists Northern Parula Type B1 and Blackburnian Type A)?
(3) Have you contacted Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle to tell them you
think a BTBW sings an exact copy of the CERW A3 song?

I am just trying to learn and minimize my ID mistakes.

Kind regards,
Hugh Whelan

On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 3:29 PM Jack Swatt via CTBirds <
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>  To add to Aaron Dollar's post about the King Rail/Clapper Rail mimicry,
> this past week I was doing some altasing at the ridge line on top of
> Compounce Mt in Southington, a place I regularly get Worm-eating Warblers,
> Prairie Warblers and occasional Hoodeds.  I heard a Cerulean song and was
> hopeful to add this species to the census.  The song is one that is
> frequently sung by Black-throated Blue Warblers up north (Cerulean A3 song
> in The Warbler Guide) so I tracked it down and sure enough, it was a
> Black-throated Blue singing it.  I'll still take a BTBlue in Southington as
> this seems outside it's normal range, but it serves as added warning about
> identification by song alone.  Sometimes you have to see the bird to get a
> correct ID.
> Jack Swatt
> Wolcott
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