[CT Birds] Roseate Spoonbill update and a plea for good birding etiquette

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Tue Sep 18 21:40:58 EDT 2018

A picture of the overzealous nature enthusiast would be interesting :-)  not that anyone has ever used this list solely for the sake of a photograph , but if they saw themselves here ...  
Claudia longmore Wethersfield 
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This evening, the Roseate Spoonbill was relocated in Milford, roosting in a
tree with dozens of egrets and herons at the SE corner of the marsh.  It was
viewable from the coastal center platform and we had the good fortune to see
it from that location.  We then drove over to the Court St. boat launch to
see if we could see it from there.  It would be a closer view, but still a
good 100 yards or so away.  When we arrived, we saw that we could not see
the bird from that location and returned to the coastal center.  Another
nature enthusiast was at the boat launch with us.  As we left, he chose to
walk into the woods in the direction of the birds, apparently in an effort
to get a good photo of the bird.  As we observed the birds from the coastal
center area a few minutes later, we observed all of the birds (the spoonbill
included) fly out from the trees and out of sight.  We can't help but
conclude that this overzealous person flushed the birds from the roost.
Please, let's all remember to be on our best behavior when looking for and
viewing a rarity, for the sake of the bird and all of the other nature
enthusiasts hoping for a memorable experience. 


Chris Loscalzo and Marianne Vahey, 


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