[CT Birds] Portland ME skua trip postponed to Oct.6-7

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 14:11:13 EDT 2018

Dear Seabirders,

High winds and eleven-foot seas on 9/22 have forced us to POSTPONE our
Sept.22-23 GOM skua photo-trip for two weeks until Oct.6-7.

A few of us will be taking the saturday ferry (10/6) from Portland ME to
Yarmouth NS and coming back sunday (10/7).

We are trying to get a few more birders who are good with BIF (birds in
flight) seabird photography to join us to document all skuas and some other
seabirds on this ad hoc photo-oriented expedition  (you would pay for your
ferry and hotel, at our discounted rates) . If interested please contact me
(robben99 AT gmail.com) ASAP and see details at  trips33.blogspot.com

This is essentially a long transect survey of all seabirds and other
lifeforms, to be documented mile-by-mile across this historic 210-mile
route, including a special focus on skuas.  Our goal is to create
photographic and videotape documentation of as many skuas along this long
420-mile round trip as possible, to increase our knowledge about those
species in this area (including locations, species, age, molt, behavior,

Part of the challenge here is getting good photos of skuas and other
seabirds under these sometimes difficult conditions. It will be interesting
to compare the best photo results, and how they were accomplished.

Thank you,
Tom Robben

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