[CT Birds] Broad-winged Mimic?

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Broad-winged hawks certainly do breed in CT. We had a pair fledge at least one young in a nest over my girlfriend's garage in Broad Brook (East Windsor) about three years ago.

Michael Santner
Westfield, MA

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>Morning all.
>I awoke this morning to the distinct call of a Broad-winged Hawk outside
>our bedroom window in one of the huge Pin-Oaks in the front yard.  It was
>the typical 2-part high pitched whistle, but something sounded a tiny bit
>off.  Not sure if it was the off pitch or slight "broken-ness" of the call,
>but it wasn't as fluid sounding as I felt it should.
>I've heard our Bluejays mimic Red-Shouldered Hawks and can almost certainly
>tell the difference between the real Hawk and Bluejay mimic.  The Bluejay
>version is just not as cleanly done.  (I'm an audio engineer, so sound is
>kind of my thing.  lol)
>Would a Bluejay mimic a Broad-winged Hawk?  I am not sure if they breed in
>CT so if they just passed through, I was wondering how the Jays would even
>spend enough time around them to learn their call.  I am leaning with
>Bluejay though because they have been camping out in these trees with the
>absurd abundance of acorns this year.
>I've seen Broad-winged hawks fly over but never had one hang out on our
>Happy Birding.
>Brian Kulvete
>Bloomfield, CT
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