[CT Daily] 11/07/2007

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed Nov 7 22:06:46 EST 2007

 From Dennis Varza:
11/07 - Milford, Milford Pt -- 2 Cave Swallows feeding over the
nesting bar.

 From Luke Tiller:
10/07 - Wilton, Allen's Meadow -- No sign of the Harris's Sparrow;  1
Lapland Longspur, 2 Snow Buntings, a few American Pipits and Purple

 From Andrew Block:
11/07 - Wilton, Allen's Meadow -- I spent 5 hours at Allen Meadows
Park in Wilton, CT this morning looking for the Harris's Sparrow but
didn't find it.  Birds that were seen: 1 Vesper Sparrow, 4+ Fox
Sparrows, 15+ Rusty Blackbirds, 5+ Purple Finches.

 From Dori Sosensky:
11/07 - New Haven, Lighthouse Pt Park -- 6 COMMON REDPOLL, Purple

 From Denny Abbot via Dori Sosensky:
11/06 - East Haven, Proto Drive -- Common Ground Dove

 From Charlie Barnard
11/06 -- Stratford, McKinney NWR -- On Tuesday, an American Golden
Plover landed briefly in the newest restoration section (Restoration
section 4) at the McKinney NWR. The bird did not show any shades of
yellow/buff,  so what little chance there was that it could have been
a Pacific Golden Plover (due to somewhat late date) appears to have
been nil. 

 From Douglas and Paul Carrier:
11/07 - West Hartland -- 3:00pm; 7 flyover EVENING GROSBEAKS with a
CROSSBILL sp mised in.  We were 90% sure it was a RED CROSSBILL.

 From  Brian Bielfelt, Mike Warner, and Ken Mirman via Brian O'Toole:
11/07 - Greenwich, Quaker Ridge Hawkwatch -- Sandhill Crane heading
southwest.  Also 4 Evening Grosbeaks at the intern house feeders.

 From Frank Mantlik:
11/06 - Westport, Compo Beach, 1-1:20pm -- 1 BLACK SCOTER, 3

 From Dave Provencher:
11/07 - Miller's Pond Montville/Rte 395 -- 7 COMMON RAVENS, possibly

 From Greg Hanisek
11/07 - Watertown, Lake Winnemaug -- adult GOLDEN EAGLE, a migrant on
the move about 11 a.m.
 From Don Morgan:
11/07 - Madison, Hammonasset Beach SP -- Late, American Bittern in the
marsh grass next to the pond next to the east end parking lot (assumed
to be Meigs Pt parking.)

 From Paul Cianfaglione:
11/07 - Farmington, Farmington Meadows -- 1 CACKLING GOOSE, 100+

 From Ted Gilman:
11/07 - Greenwich, Audubon Center -- WINTER WREN, PURPLE FINCHES

 From Rick Macsuga:
11/06 - Hartford, Hartford dump, Rt91 -- Rough-Legged Hawk

 From Ernie Harris:
11/07 - Bolton backyard -- 8 PINE SISKINS (4 on niger bag, 1 on
platform feeder, others in trees) 7:00-7:30 AM

 From Carolyn Cimino:
11/07 - Waterford -- 4 to 5 PINE SISKINS at feeders in yard

 From Carole Donagher:
11/07 - Farmington back yard peanut feeder -- 1 RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH

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