[CT Daily] 11/30/2007 RED CROSSBILLS

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Fri Nov 30 21:13:51 EST 2007

 From Greg Hanisek, Bill Banks:  
11/30 - New Haven, East Shore Park -- 11 a.m. 2 RED CROSSBILLS in
pines at end of the walkway toward the harbor; flyover imm N. GOSHAWK;
4 N. ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS (record late date); several Red-breasted
Nuthatches; 1 Palm Warbler.  Did not have any Cave Swallows

 From Nick Bonomo, Dori Sosensky, etc.:
11/30 - New Haven, East Shore Park -- The Red Crossbills at East Shore
Park were very cooperative at times this afternoon.

 From Paul & Douglas Carrier:
11/30 - West Hartland, Rt 20 just north past library -- a flock of 15
EVENING GROSBEAKS, feeding in a crab apple tree with a larger flock
(100+) of CEDAR WAXWINGS!  Checked all for Bohemiansos, but none
there.  Tree was denuded of half its abundant fruit in 15 mins!

 From Chris Loscalzo:
11/30 - Woodbridge, community gardens -- immature NORTHERN SHRIKE

 From Ray Belding:
11/29 - Torrington, Rt. 272 (Minetto State Park) -- 50 COMMON REDPOLLS

 From Tony Amato:
11/30 - Newtown, Ram Pasture pond -- 1 BARNACLE GOOSE, 1 GREATER
Wilton, Allen's Meadow -- 1 NORTHERN SHRIKE, 1 Red-breasted Nuthatch

 From Judy Moore and Marty Moore:
11/30 - Middlefield, Miller road -- 4 RUSTY BLACKBIRDS
New Haven, East Shore Drive -- In addition to all the other reported
birds, 1 very light BROAD-WINGED HAWK (wheeling overhead), 3 BROWN

 From Richard Trepp:
11/29 - Stratford, Long Beach -- Glaucous Gull

 From Corrie Folsom with Owen O'Keefe:
11/30 - Mericen, trail around Hanover Pond -- 1 Brown Creeper, 1
Red-breasted Nuthatch

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