[CT Daily] 10/15/2008

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed Oct 15 21:40:53 EDT 2008

 From Tina Green:
10/15 - Westport, Sherwood Island State Park -- (4:15-5:50 PM) 1
juvenile Sora in the small pond next to the Oak Forest.

 From Chris Woerner:
10/15 - Guilford, Rt 146 Sluiceway at Great Harbor Marsh, North side
-- 1 American Bittern

 From G & CJ Lemmon, with S Broker, D Morgan, L James, R English:
10/15 -- New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park -- about 1:30 or so,
Dickcissel continues in the weedy patch across the road from the
butterfly garden on the right hand side where the flowers are still

 From Ernie Harris:
10/15 - Bolton Backyard --  2:30, COMMON RAVEN circling overhead and

 From Ernie Harris with HAS midweek walk:
10/15 - ?????, Gay City State Park -- 11:30 AM, PURPLE FINCH (female),

 From Paul Carrier:
10/15 - Harwinton yard -- 2 WINTER WREN, 1 WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW, 6
PINE SISKIN on thistle feeder, 1 BROWN CREEPER, immature NORTHERN

 From Marty Moore and Judy Moore:
10/14 - Wallingford-Durham border, Route 68, quarry marsh opposite
Tilcon -- nine Blue-winged teal.

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