[CT Daily] 10/31/2008 BOHEMIAN WAXWING

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Fri Oct 31 21:52:02 EDT 2008

 From Dana Campbell:
10/31 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park Hawkwatch -- one BOHEMIAN
WAXWING in a small flock of Cedar Waxwings that landed in a tree near
the hawkwatch at around 9:30 a.m.  Seen through the scope. (So I know
it was not a Cedar in Halloween costume!)
Also EASTERN MEADOWLARK (5), Purple Finch (151), PINE SISKINS (304).

 From Jim Dugan:
10/31 - Litchfield, Bantam Lake, Point Folly -- 7AM, RED-NECKED GREBE;
heavy mist on lake made for poor visibility.

 From Dave Rosgen, w/ John Eykelhoff:
10/31 - Litchfield, N. Shore Rd. (Bantam Lake's Pt. Folly, 5 p.m. 'til
dark) -- 1 RED-NECKED GREBE.
White's Woods Rd. (White Memorial's Little Pond Trail & Boardwalk, 3 -
4 p.m.) - 1 Common Raven, 1 Brown Creeper, 1 Pine Siskin.
White Hall Rd. (White Memorial's Museum Area, around 2 p.m.) - 1
immature NORTHERN GOSHAWK, 1 Pine Siskin.

 From Jerry Connolly, Bob MacDonald, Charlie Rafford:
MEADOWLARKS, 5 PURPLE FINCH.  The former two sp. have been seen
consistently at so-called "West Marsh and Meadow".  From park
entrance, right at main rotary, drive to end.  Turn left and quick
right to park in "sandy lot" adjacent to the "meadow".  Walk the mowed
path along the hedgerow, checking the marsh for the Nelson's at
"breaks" in the hedgerow while keeping an eye out for meadowlarks
flushing from meadow's high grass.

 From Charlie Barnard:
10/31 - Stratford, Long Beach -- At least 4 Nelson's Sharp-tailed
Sparrows( 3 subvirgatus and 1  alterus) remain along the marsh side of
the barrier beach. I refer to  alterus as such, rather than saying
"interior race," because these birds do not  have the brightness which
I would associate with a nominate "nelsoni." The  Acadian race -
subvirgatus - has definitely been most numerous here this  fall. That
is probably the norm for Connecticut.  Also seen today at Long Beach
and Pleasure Beach: 5 Snow Buntings, 1 "Ipwsich" race Savannah

 From Carl Ekroth:
10/31 - Madison, Hammonassett State Park -- morning, 15 SNOW BUNTINGS,
at the nature center grass lot, 1 imm WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW on the
trail to the Meig's Pt. lookout, and 15-20 PINE SISKINS on the east
trail of Wilard's Island.

 From Angela Dimmitt with Anne Kehmna:
10/31 - New Milford/private property -- 35-40 AMERICAN PIPITS, 2 PINE
New Milford/Sunny Valley Preserve/Bird Lane -- 55+ AMERICAN PIPITS.

 From Ken Elkins and Donna-Rose Smith:
10/31 - Southbury, Bent of the River feeders -- 2 FOX SPARROWS, 6
PURPLE FINCHES, 8 PINE SISKINS.  We've consistently had 8-10 PURPLE
FINCHES, and small groups of Pine Siskins for the past week.

 From Fran and Tom Holloway
10/31 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- at least 15 SNOW BUNTINGS
in the parking lot near the Nature Center, about 8:45;  a BROWN
THRASHER on the Willard's Island trail, east branch, about 9:00; a
WINTER WREN in the unmowed grassy "circle" next to the Willard's
Island observation platform, about  9:30.

 From Gene Leganza:
10/30 - Wilton, 89 Danbury Road -- one AMERICAN WOODCOCK.
Wilton yard -- two PURPLE FINCHES.

 From Sam Fried:
10/30 - Resrvoir #6, north end, West Hartford/Bloomfield -- 60-70
Bufflehead, unusual inland for such a large flock.

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