[CT Daily] 05/18/2009 Cattle Egret

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Mon May 18 22:58:31 EDT 2009

 From Mike Dewire:
05/18/09 - Waterford, Harkness Memorial Park -- 1 CATTLE EGRET in the
large field on the east side of the mansion and water tower.

 From Leon Barkman:
05/18/09 - Southbury, Bent of the River Audubon Center -- one
Olive-sided Flycatcher near visitor parking along white fence.

 From Patrick Comins:
05/18/09 - Southbury, Bent of the River Audubon Center -- Olive-sided
Flycatcher calling along river.

 From Karen Fiske:
05/18/09 - Middlefield, John Lyman School Way Road -- 1 COMMON
NIGHTHAWK at 3:45 calling as it flew over the parking lot. 

 From Steve & Charla Spector:
05/18/09 -- Milford, Myrtle Beach (just west of Silver Sands SP) -- 4
Cliff Swallows.

 From SH Johnston:
05/18/09 - Avon, Tillotson Road -- about 20+ BOBOLINKS, male and
female. Very active in the morning and afternoon, flying between trees
and meadow. Males singing constantly.

 From Shaun Martin:
05/17/09 - Greenwich, Road? -- Tennessee Warbler, Wilson's Warbler,
Blackburnian Warbler.
Greenwich, Fairchild Garden -- Northern Goshawk.
05/18/09 - Greenwich, Yard - Blackburnian Warbler, Bay-breasted

 From Glenn Williams,  Linda Vegliante, Bob Dewire, Andrew Dasinger,
James Restivo, Phil Rusch:
05/17/09 - Madison, Hammonasset SP -- channel east of Meigs Point,
mmature male King Eider; Meigs Point beach, 3 Whimbrel.
Old Lyme (?), Griswold Point -- 2 Caspian Terns.

 From Eileen and Kevin Finnan:
05/17/09 - Sharon, Appalachian Trail just south of River Road -- 3

 From Luke Tiller:
05/17/09 - Wilton, Allen's Meadows -- American Pipit.

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