[CT Daily] 11/13/2011 WESTERN KINGBIRD

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sun Nov 13 23:31:53 EST 2011

 From  Janet Mehmel:
11/13/11 - West Haven, Sandy Point -- at the end of the point,
Hudsonian Godwit.

 From Bill Asteriades, Scott Kruitbosch and Alex Burdo:
11/13/11 - Westport,  Sasco Creek Road, field across from Christmas
Tree Farm -- Western Kingbird seen on top of trees feeding on insects
at 8:05.

 From Mardi Dickinson:
11/13/11 - Westport -- WESTERN KINGBIRD directly across in the field
from the CAS Smith Richardson Wildlife Preserve and Christmas Tree
Farm on Sasco Creek Road,  flying Back & forth regularly 9:40 until
10:56am - and well past.

 From Mike Warner:
11/13/11 - Westport, Sasco Creek Road -- 3:58 pm,  Western Kingbird
seen well in the scope as it perch hunted in the northern half of the
field which is across the street from the CAS Smith-Richardson
Christmas Tree Farm.

 From Ray Belding w/ Dennis Hannon:
11/13/11 - ?????, Twin Lakes -- 1 flyover Cackling Goose w/ flock of
Canadas, 1 Fox Sparrow.

 From Meredith Sampson:
11/13/11 - Riverside, Elias Point -- 3 AMERICAN PIPITS.

 From Michael Richardson:
11/13/11 - Norwalk, near 22 Glendenning Street -– YELLOW-BELLIED
SAPSUCKER in the back yard.

 From Nick Bonomo:
11/13/11 - New Haven, East Shore Park -- Tennessee Warbler,
Orange-crowned Warbler.
11/12/11 - Wallingford -- evening, an adult (continuing bird?) GREATER
WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was among 300 Canada Geese on the north end of
Mackenzie Reservoir.

 From Meredith Sampson:
11/12/11 - Old Greenwich, Greenwich Point -- BROWN PELICAN observed by
dockmaster who called me and said with the strong NW winds, the
pelican pretty much stayed on the shoreline near the OG yacht club
most of the day.  He said it appeared to be shivering/shaking.  I hope
this bird leaves soon and heads south where the rest of his friends
are - basking in warmer climes.

 From Ted Gilman:
11/12/11 – Greenwich, Audubon Center -– YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKERS (2)
continue to feed in apple trees in orchard.

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