[CT Daily] 11/15/2011 Western Kingbird, Snowy Owl

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue Nov 15 23:18:16 EST 2011

 From AJ Hand via Sara Zagorski:
11/15/11 - Westport, Smith Richardson wildlife preserve -- Western
Kingbird was seen this morning at the same location as previously

 From Janet Mehmel:
11/15/11 - East Haven, Ellis Rd and Carolina Rd -- Snowy Owl, perching
on porches and roofs, at 2:00.

 From Bill Asteriades:
11/15/11 - East Haven, Ellis Rd and Carolina Rd -- Snowy Owl at 4:40

 From Sara Zagorski:
11/15/11 - Wethersfield, end of the Broad St Green -- juvenile
Red-headed woodpecker at a tree outside my window for about 30
minutes, flying between the tree and a bench that is located about
thirty yards from it.  First seen around 8:15 am.

 From Marge Josephson via Angela Dimmitt:
11/14/11 - Sherman feeder (seed/suet) -- juvenile Red-headed

 From Bill Banks:
11/15/11 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park -- (9:35 am) a Cattle
Egret in the creek that runs alongside the park to your left as you
come in to the park. Just to the left and across the road from the
butterfly garden area.

 From Tina Green & Greg Hanisek:
11/15/11 - Westport, Sherwood Island SP -- 1 juvenile Snow Goose.

 From Dave Rosgen, w/ Nicole Morin:
11/15/11 - Litchfield, White Hall Rd. (White Memorial's Museum
Feeders) -- 1 Red-breasted Nuthatch, 1 Fox Sparrow.
Interpretive Trail -- 1 Brown Creeper, 2 Purple Finches.

 From Stacy Hanks:
11/15/11 - Milford, Chester St -- YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER.

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