[CT Daily] 11/21/2011 White Pelican, W Kingbird

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Mon Nov 21 23:36:56 EST 2011

Editor's note: Been away for a few days and now trying to catch up. My
apologies for any omissions and mistakes.

 From Greg Hanisek:
11/21/11 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point hawk watch -- AMERICAN WHTE
PELICAN at about 12:30 pm, the pelican (first spotted by Sol Satin)
appeared among a circling group of 5 Red-tailed Hawks east of the hawk
watch, it then proceeded to gain altitude and fly directly SW across
the point and out of sight.  Also 4 AMERICAN PIPITS

 From Bill Asteriades:
11/21/11 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park -- White Pelican heading
west down the Ct shore. Spotted by Saul Satin et al.

 From Tina Green:
11/21/11 - Westport, H.Smith Richardson Preserve -- Western Kingbird.
Westport, Compo Beach -- 300+ White-winged Scoters, 2 Red-necked.

 From George Stephens:
11/21/11 -  Watertown, Lake Winnemaug -- Great Cormorant returned
after yesterdays.

 From Frank & Linda Mantlik, with Mike & Wanda Moccio:
11/20/11 - Madison, Hammonassett Beach SP -- early afternoon, the
YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT provided stunning views as it worked its way
slowly down the thicket (campground playground area), to the delight
of many birders and photographers. 
Meigs Point -- 2-3 NORTHERN GANNETS, 3 female COMMON EIDERS, 1 female

 From Mark Aronson:
11/20/11 - New Haven, waste transfer station at exit 8 and Middletown
Avenue -- 1PM, 12 Black Vultures on the roof, and 48 more in the air
circling above.

 From  Brendan Murtha:
11/20/11 - Westport -- Western Kingbird still present at 11:00, though
not at the crab apple.  It was further back in the field and very
active, perching in the trees, in the grass, and in the brush along
the side of the field.

 From Mardi W. Dickinson:
11/20/11 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- Yellow-breasted Chat at

 From From Dave Rosgen:
11/20/11 - Morris, East Shore Rd. (Bantam Lake's Sandy Beach) -- 3
Northern Shoveler.
Morris, E. Shore Rd. (Bantam Lake's Sandy Beach) -- 3 Northern
Shoveler, 1 Red-necked Grebe

 From Florence McBride:
11/20/11 - Hamden, Lake Whitney, upper lake -- a pair of Northern

 From Keith Tomlinson:
11/20/11 - Westport -- Western Kingbird working the crabapple tree in
the middle of the field across from tree farm at 8:15 AM.

 From Jamie Meyers:
11/20/11 - Canton -- while taking a walk in my neighborhood, around 6
AM I heard the fluttery flight of an American Woodcock overhead.

 From Bob Askins:
11/20/11 - Quaker Hill (Waterford) -- Four immature Iceland Gulls in
upper Smith Cove off of Old Norwich Road  near Quaker Hill School.
Also, four Black Vultures were sitting on the roof of the school.

 From Randy Given:
11/20/11 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- Yellow-breasted Chat at

 From Carl Ekroth:
11/19/11 - East Windsor, Broad Brook Pond -- one BARNACLE GOOSE at

 From Randy Given:
11/19/11 - East Windsor, Broad Brook Pond -- BARNACLE GOOSE still in
middle of pond at 1:45pm.

 From Paul Cianfaglione:
11/19/11 - South Windsor, Ferry Lane -- 100+ AMERICAN PIPIT.

 From Bill Banks:
11/19/11 - Woodbridge --  immature Golden Eagle flew the length of
Konold's Pond, 10:25 am.

 From Bill Asteriades:
11/19/11 - Madison, Hammonassett State Park -- Yellow-breasted Chat, 3
Northern Gannett and 40c Snow Bunting.

 From Jerry Connolly and The Audubon Shop Sat. Morning Bird Walk Crew:
11/19/11 - Madison, Hammonasset SP -- 2 COMMON EIDERS (hens continue
at end of Moraine Trail), 2 NORTHERN GANNETS, YELLOW-BELLIED CHAT at
brushy edge adjacent to playground in west, 45-50 SNOW BUNTINGS
(Nature Center grass parking lot).

 From Jay Carlisle:
11/19/11 - Waterford -- Harkness Memorial -- 2 female-plumaged Common
Eiders not far off the point.  Also, 2 distant adult Northern Gannets.

 From Vanessa Caccamise:
11/19/11 - Westport -- Western Kingbird continues in the field across
from the Xmas tree farm.

 From Phil Maddalena:
11/19/11 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- Yellow-breasted Chat,
West Beach area by large field.

 From Greg Hanisek:
11/19/11 - Watertown, Lake Winnemaug -- imm. GREAT CORMORANT, very
white-bellied bird and always nice find inland.

 From Corrie Folsom-O'Keefe:
11/19/11 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point -- 28 SNOW GEESE flew over at
about 8:30am. 27 were the white morph, 1 blue morph.

 From Nick Bonomo:
11/19/11 - New Haven, East Shore Park --  around midday, a single

 From Dave Rosgen, w/ Samantha Foster, George Stephens, Jim Kandefer:
11/19/11 - Litchfield, N. Shore Rd. (Bantam Lake's North Bay, as
viewed from the Litchfield Town Beach) 3 Northern Pintail, 1
Northern Goshawk.
Litchfield, N. Shore Rd. (Bantam Lake's & White Memorial Foundation's
Pt. Folly) --  11:20 AM to 12:20 PM 7 Northern Shoveler.

 From Frank Mantlik:
11/18/11 - Westport, Compo Beach -- 12:30, flock of about 80 Snow
Buntings feeding on grassy lot.
Norwalk, Rt 1 near County St -- 9:45, 4 BLACK VULTURES.

 From Dana Campbell and friends:
11/18/11 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park Hawk Watch -- 47 migrating
raptors, including 2 PEREGRINE FALCONS.  Also 1 AMERICAN PIPIT, 2

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