[CT Daily] 11/25/2011 Painted Bunting, WW Dove

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sat Nov 26 00:12:50 EST 2011

 From Patrick Dugan, Wendy Knothe, Tom Burke:
11/25/11 - Stamford, 1128 Cove Rd -- WHITE-WINGED DOVE 2:02 PM seen
flying east and was not relocated.
Stamford, Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary -- male PAINTED BUNTING
found by Patrick while trying to relocate Orange-crowned Warbler he
found on Wednesday at same location. Bunting first seen at 2:30 PM at
north west corner of fence line of pump house. 3:10 PM seen behind
CIWS kiosk. 3:35 PM at east side of pump house feeding on pokeweed.
Last seen 3:40 PM with many observers trying to relocate until dark.

 From Patrick Dugan:
11/25/11 - Stamford, Cove Island Park Sanctuary -- male PAINTED
BUNTING, roughly 2:50pm.

 From Sulmaan Khan and Dana Campbell:
11/25/11 - New Haven, East Rock Park, Cliff overlooking Mill River,
near the pavillion -- 2 SANDHILL CRANES flying towards us down the
river valley.  Veered towards West Rock and then towards LI Sound.
Also 2 BLACK VULTURES. Cranes seen at 2:45 PM.

 From Mona cavallero, Paul desjardins, Tina green, etc:
11/25/11 - Stamford, 1128 Cove Road -- White-winged Dove, 10AM,
sleeping in the right hand side of the apple tree above the feeder

 From Mona Cavallero and Paul Desjardins:
11/25/11- Westport, Sacco Hill Road -- Western Kingbird continues as
of 12 pm.  We waited 10-15 minutes before it showed up in the field
across from the christmas tree farm perched in the bare oaks to the
right of the crabapple tree.
Litchfield, North Shore Road (Bantam Lake, Pt. Folly area) -- mid
afternoon; 1 RED-NECKED GREBE.

 From Fran and Tom Holloway:
11/25/11 - Madison, Hammonasset S.P. -- YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT continues
in the far west area, in the bushy row opposite the horseshoe pits in
the playground area.  1:15 pm.  Several other birders saw it before us
and  helpfully indicated the location.

 From Patrice Favreau:
11/25/11 - Madison, Hammonasset SP -- Yellow-breasted Chat seen
9:15AM, with a  group of other birders already there watching.  Also
flock of Snow Buntings on pebble beach.

 From Mike Warner:
11/25/11 - Madison, Hammonasset SP -- 6 Purple Sandpipers at east end
of the Moraine Trail.  Yellow-breasted Chat well seen at 1:15 pm,
giving great extended views flying out to the lawn a couple of times
and working it's way west in the sunlit treeline while we were
observing from  a good distance away.

 From Randy Given, Andrew Block:
11/25/11 - Stamford, 1128 Cove Road -- White-winged Dove, 7:45am.

 From Tina Green:
11/25/11 - Westport, Sherwood Island SP -- Eurasian Wigeon continues
in the Mill Pond(seen just before the entrance to the park).  Also
Orange-crowned Warbler.

 From Jim Dugan & Bill Van Loan:
11/24/11 - Stamford, 1128 Cove Road -- WHITE-WINGED DOVE present as of
8:20 AM and very active. I could find no overt signs of being an
escapee. Dave Winston (homeowner & CIWS Board Member), requests that
visitors go no farther onto the property than the rear of the van in
the driveway.

 From Bill Asteriades:
11/24/11 - Stamford, 1128 Cove Road -- White-winged Dove at 7:20 am.

 From Paul Desjardins:
11/24/11 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- a drake Common Eider and
6 Purple Sandpipers at Meig's Point. 
New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park -- 2 Marsh Wrens.
New Haven, East Shore Park -- Tennessee Warbler.

 From Nick Bonomo:
11/24/11 - New Haven, East Shore Park -- 1 Tennessee Warbler.
Milford, Milford Point -- 1 Northern Gannet, 1 American Bittern  1
American Pipit.

 From Hank Golet and Ted Hendrickson:
11/24/11 - Old Lyme off Point O Woods, 2 Northern Gannets, 40+ Surf

 From Randy Given:
11/24/11 - East Hartford, Cabela's -- Lesser Black-Backed Gull.

 From Alex Burdo:
11/24/11 - Fairfield, Pine Creek -- 1 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, 1 pos.
Northern Shrike, 2 Winter Wren, 3 Fox Sparrows.

 From Dr Robert J Craig:
11/24/11 - Putnam -- A flock of 8 Black Vultures, also Common Ravens.

 From Ken Goldsmith:
11/24/11 - Thompson, West Thompson Lake access road -- Brown Creeper.

 From Jan Hollerbach:
11/24/11 - Fairfield yard -- Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

 From Arthur Shippee:
11/24/11 - Hamden, North Lake Dr -- 1 Fox Sparrow, Yellow-Bellied

 From Marty Swanhall:
11/24/11 - Newtown, Ram Pasture --  2 Greater White-front Geese.

 From Kathy Edwards:
11/23/11 - New Canaan yard -- Beautiful adult male Yellow-bellied
Sapsucker still here in old apple tree.
11/24/11 - New Canaan yard -- female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

 From Dave Winston:
11/23/11 - Stamford, 1128 Cove Road -- White-winged Dove.  The crab
apples and feeders are visible from the road; just park across the
street from his house.

 From  Mike and Wanda Moccio:
11/23/11 - Stamford, 1128 Cove Road -- White-winged Dove at 3PM in
bushes directly behind feeders.

 From Paul Wolter:
11/23/11 - Madison, Hammonasset Beach State Park -- Snowy Owl seen on
the beach from both Cedar Island platform (closer, about 75 yards) and
the end of the Moraine trail at noon onward, having been found earlier
by Ray Acker on Shell Beach. 2 Purple Sandpiper on the rocks at end of
Meigs Point breakwater.  1 Northern Gannet seen off the Moraine trail.

 From Patrick Comins:
11/23/11 - New Milford, The Canterbury School -- Snowy Owl perched on
a roof in the morning, not seen later.

 From Frank Mantlik:
11/23/11 - Stratford, Stratford Point -- From 3+ hours of seawatching:
dark morph), calling, directly overhead as they flew NW off the Sound
at 1:55.  Also female Peregrine Falcon perched on bluff edge at 10:15.
Stratford, Freeman Ave, Wooster Park Pond -- 5 Northern Shovelers.

 From Steve Morytko:
11/23/11 - Ashford, yard -- 3 Rusty Blackbirds (1M, 2F).

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