[CT Daily] 05/02/2012

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed May 2 23:11:24 EDT 2012

 From Annie and Mike Perko:
05/02/12 - Lebanon -- Harris's Sparrow seen at seeded area at 9:30 AM,
115 days.

 From Chris Loscalzo:
05/02/12 - Orange, Maltby Lakes -- I stopped on my way to work this
morning.  One male HOODED WARBLER

 From Sean Murtha:
05/02/12 - Greenwich, Bruce Park -- A drop-dead gorgeous male MOURNING
WARBLER brightened up a quiet, drizzly lunchtime bird-walk.  At the
eastern side of the park, there is a wooded area just North of the
maintenance area.  A path runs through it between a wooded slope and a
line of White Pines.  I was about a quarter of the way along the path
from its western end, looking south towards the maintenance area.  I
pished and it emerged from the undergrowth, but stayed fairly low,
about  30 feet away.  It never sang but it was chipping incessantly.
The best place to park is a short one-way road called (I think)  Woods
road.  Then walk East (careful, its a soggy area!)  towards a group of
White Pines.  There's one big fallen Pine and the path starts right
behind it.

 From Bill Asteriades:
05/02/12 - Glastonbury, Riverfront Park -- 1 male BLACKBURNIAN

 From Brian Kleinman:
05/02/12 - East Granby -- BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER heard on my morning jog
on the "rails to trials" bike path between Route 189 & Route 20.

 From Mark Scott:
05/02/12 - Hamden/New Haven, East Rock Park -- 13 warbler species,

 From Annette Cunniffe:
05/02/12 - Westport/Gray's Creek -- Yellow-crowned Night-Heron.

 From Patrick Smith:
05/02/12 - Waterford -- 1 White-crowned Sparrow.

 From Fran and Tom Holloway:
05/02/12 - Madison, Hammonsasset State Park -- 9:00; not much in the
way of warblers, but the whitest-headed WHITE-CROWNED  SPARROW we have
ever seen, right at the beginning of the Willard's Island Trail.

 From Kris Johnson:
05/02/12 - New Haven, East Rock Park -- Black Vulture, Common Raven,
Brown Thrasher.

 From Marty Swanhall:
05/02/12 - Woodbury, Logue's Farm -- Solitary Sandpiper.

 From Tina Green:
05/02/12 - Westport, Longshore Park -- Blue-winged Teal continues in
the last pond on the exit road with a Solitary Sandpiper.
Milford, Wilcox Park -- Yellow-crowned Night-Heron on a nest,
Blackburnian Warbler (male).

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