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Tue May 8 22:46:41 EDT 2012

Note: Last might my fingers played tricks on me and this report (for
Monday ) went to the CTBirds list instead of the Daily Report list.
Sorry about that.  Tonight's (Tuesday's) report will be along in a

 From Dave Tripp:
05/07/12 - Canton yard -- For the second day and second year, there
has been an adult male Cape May Warbler working and singing
occasionally in some Norway Spruces in the back yard.

 From Ed Kurlowicz:
05/07/12 - Coventry -- New yard bird an immature Blue Grosbeak, also 1
Brown Thrasher.

 From Brian & Caleb Kleinman:
05/07/12 ­ Bloomfield, Penwood State Park -­ many migrants but birds
of note were 2 SWAINSON¹S THRUSH.

 From Twan Leenders:
05/07/12 ­ Stratford, McKinney Refuge, railroad trail -- SALTMARSH
05/05/12 - Litchfield, Topsmead SF -- at least 20 BOBOLINK singing
away merrily in the trees surrounding the big fields.

 From Anita Shaffer and Roy Zartarian:
05/07/12 - Newington, Piper Brook -- SOLITARY SANDPIPER feeding.

 From Fran and Tom Holloway:
05/07/12 - Lyme, Hartman Park -- one CERULEAN WARBLER, on the main
trail near the amphitheater, sat on a sunny branch and sang to us for
10 minutes, 9:00 AM.  Seem to be more than one around.

 From Paul Desjardins:
05/07/12 - Windsor, Northwest Park -- morning; 1 adult & 1 first year
male Orchard Orioles, Lincoln's Sparrow and a flyover Bobolink.
East Granby, East Granby Farms -- afternoon; 2 Swainson's Thrushes.

 From Mark Scott:
05/07/12 - New Haven, Prospect Street @ Highland Street -- TENNESSEE
Hamden/New Haven, East Rock Park -- TENNESSEE WARBLER (in three
distinct locations in the park, one with Ed Sadowski), BLACKBURNIAN

 From Steve Morytko:
05/07/12 - Storrs, UConn -- Late afternoon, behind the Young Building,
2 White-crowned Sparrows feeding along the field edge and an Orchard
Oriole flew in, perched for a minute, and flew off.

 From Paul Cianfaglione:
05/07/12 - North Canton, Wright Road -- 1 EASTERN WHIP-POOR-WILL.

 From Carl Ekroth:
05/07/12 - Ellington, Green Road -- late morning; 2 BROWN THRASHERS.
In the evening, 1 WHIP-POOR-WILL.

 From Alex Burdo:
05/07/12 - Fairfield, Birdcraft Sanctuary -- A rather slow afternoon
at Birdcraft, highlighted by 5 warbler species including 1 WILSON'S

 From Don Morgan:
05/07/12 - Windham, Boston Hollow/Barlow Mill -- 1 Blackburnian 
 From Zellene Sandler:
05/06/12 - Bloomfield, Sam Wheeler Reed Park -- at least 6 male
Bobolinks and 3 Eastern Meadowlarks in the grass.

 From Eric Larson:
05/06/12 - Stonington, Barn Island -- 9:30-1:30; Orchard Oriole (1).
Avalonia Land Trust area between Wequetecock Cove and Palmer Neck Road
on the way to the NWA -- Bobolink (3) buzzing the fields.

 From Bill Asteriades:
05/06/12 - Glastonbury, Private Property -- 1 male YELLOW-HEADED
BLACKBIRD.  Although seen on private property, if birders want to try
to relocate I would suggest birding Riverfront Park in Glastonbury and
Rocky Hill Meadows.

 From Robert Dixon:
05/06/12 - Sterling yard - 66 species - PURPLE FINCH, flyover COMMON
LOON (5),  

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