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Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue May 8 23:11:27 EDT 2012

There is a bill before the Connecticut House that is of interest to
the Connecticut birding community (and birds).  There is very little
time (Wednesday) for this to be acted on.  Please see Patrick COmins'
post to CTBirds about the bill and what you might want to do.

 From Annie and Mike Perko:
05/05/12 - Lebanon -- The last sighting of the Harris's Sparrow was
5:30 PM, Saturday 5 May.  Two visits per day since then did not find
it, and the Perkos will not be around to continue the search.

 From Dave Tripp with Jim Dugan, Tina Green, Sara Zagorski, David
05/08/12 - Canton backyard --  8:15-8:45; male Cape May Warbler (day
3) in spruces.

 From Paul Cianfaglione:
05/08/12 - Wethersfield, Wethersfield Meadows -- 1 KENTUCKY WARBLER.
Directions; Exit 25 off I-91 (Old Wethersfield) From North, take quick
right through yellow gate, travel 0.5 to another yellow gate, take
right, warbler is 0.5 on left near a dirt pull off and a pile of trees
and branches.

 From Sara Zagorski:
05/08/12 - Wethersfield, Wethersfield Meadows -- 1 KENTUCKY WARBLER. I
got the bird after Paul C left, showed it to some others at 9:55 AM in
same location, calling. Came out once with good views.

 From Paul Desjardins:
05/08/12 - Wethersfield, Wethersfield Meadows -- Several of us had
very brief views of the KENTUCKY WARBLER. Seen in spot that Paul
mentioned but moves around a lot. It took 2 hours before I had a
decent look at him for one or two seconds! So patience was the word!
My sighting was about 1:15 PM.

 From Scott Kruitbosch:
05/08/12 - Weston & Easton, Trout Brook Valley Conservation Area -- 76
species including 21 warbler species, highlighted by 1 WILSON'S
WARBLER. 2 ACADIAN FLYCATCHER calling among countless other wonderful
sights and sounds on a very birdy (even though it's still kind of
early) May day.

 From John Marshall:
05/07/12 - Litchfield, White Memorial's Little Pond (early evening to
Litchfield, White Memorial's Mallard Marsh -- 2 MARSH WREN.

 From Charla & Steve Spector:
05/08/12 - Milford, Eisenhower Park -- Solitary Sandpiper, many
Orchard Orioles (at least 3 male, 2 female).
05/07/12 - Milford, Silver Sands SP -- male and female Blue-winged
Teal in Nettleton Creek pond (they've been hanging around and it's
nesting season, so maybe?) 

 From Roy Zartarian:
05/08/12 - Newington, Young Farm -- 8 BOBOLINKS (6 male, 2 female),
the biggest flock I've seen there; 1 SOLITARY SANDPIPER, my first
sighting at that location.

 From Steve Morytko:
05/08/12 - Storrs, UConn -- There were 74 Bobolinks on fence wire in
one location on top of Horsebarn Hill this afternoon that weren't seen
yesterday. I'm sure there were more birds (probably dozens) in the
field that were not counted. No doubt many will be moving on but it
was a nice one day spectacle.

 From Patrice Favreau: 
05/08/12 - SouthWindsor -- 4 male Bobolinks at Wapping Park.

 From Robert Dixon:
05/07/12 - Sterling yard Big Sit -- 68 species; EASTERN

 From Kevin Finnan:
05/07/12 - Litchfield -- In the fields along Beach Street, about 20
BOBOLINKS; further north on Beach Street in Goshen, one SWAINSON'S

 From Lynn James, Sol Satin, and Dana Campbell with Ranger Dan Barvir:
05/07/12 - New Haven, East Rock Park -- BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER,
Across the street from the Eli Whitney Museum -- ORCHARD ORIOLES.

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