[CT Daily] 05/10/2012

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Thu May 10 22:51:49 EDT 2012

 From Chris Loscalzo:
05/10/12 - Naugatuck, Naugatuck State Forest -- 13 warbler species,
including one male Hooded Warbler.

 From Renee Baade:
05/10/12 - Woodbury, Flanders Nature Center, Van Vleck Farm --
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.

 From Paul Desjardins:
05/10/12 - South Windsor, Station 43, Newberry Road section --
Peregrine Falcon with prey.

 From John Oshlick:
05/10/12 - Greenwich, Audubon Greenwich -- The Lawrence's warbler

 From Jack Wells with John Hannan and Tom Baptist:
05/10/12 - Greenwich, Audubon Greenwich -- 2:45 PM; the Lawrence's
warbler continues.

 From Dave Tripp:
05/10/12 - Canton yard - Two singing Cape May Warblers in Norway
Spruces.  After not seeing them yesterday, today there are two across
the street in my neighbors spruces visible from the road. This make it
the last 4 out of 5 days here.

 From Steve Morytko:
05/10/12 - Storrs, UConn area -- Horsebarn Hill Rd (east and west
pastures and around the top of the hill), 57 (2F) Bobolink, 1 Eastern
Meadowlark; Valentine Meadow (wet area on the east side of the pasture
below the horse stables, best viewed near gasoline pumps) 7 Solitary
Sandpiper; UConn Spring Manor Farm (from the white brick house parking
lot on Rte 44 250yds east of the intersection of Rte32), 2 (M)
Bobolink.  With clearing weather I would expect the majority of the HB
Hill Bobolinks to move on soon ... or maybe not :)

 From Jan Collins with Paul Fusco:
05/10/12 - Burlington, Sessions Woods -- 1 SOLITARY SANDPIPER, 1 

 From Meredith Sampson:
05/10/12 - Old Greenwich, Greenwich Point -- 19 warbler species

 From Alex Burdo:
05/10/12 - Fairfield, Birdcraft Sanctuary -- despite windy conditions,
10 warbler species in just over an hour of birding.  2 SWAINSON'S

 From Patrick & Jim Dugan:
05/10/12 - Stamford, Rosa Hartman Park -- 5:45 to 9:15 AM; 20 species
of Warbler and 5 species of Thrush (1 Gray-cheeked type).

 From Robert Dixon:
05/09/12 - Chaplin, Pumpkin Hill Rd -- CERULEAN WARBLER.
Eastford, Natchaug State Forest -- BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER.
Thompson, Thompson Dam -- BOBOLINK, COMMON RAVEN.
05/08-09/12 - Sterling yard -- PURPLE FINCH (2).

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