[CT Daily] 05/15/2012 RUFF, Tri-C Herons, WF Ibis

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue May 15 23:05:53 EDT 2012

Note:  It is easy to become a bit warbler-centric this time of year.
Today we have a remarkable variety of interesting birds that are
nothing like warblers.

 From Bob Dewire and Anthea Skiffington:
05/15/12 - Madison, Hammonassett State Park -- at the small marsh at
the Meigs Point parking lot, one non-breeding plumaged RUFF feeding
with several Greater Yellowlegs.  First found at 1:30 PM.  Watched at
leisure noting the size, short bill, buffy color,  greenish legs,
scalloped back pattern.  It flew 3 times showng the showy white oval
pattern on the tail.  Still present when we left at 2:30 PM.

 From Tina Green and Sara Zagorski:
05/15/12 - Madison, Hammonasset Beach State Park -- Tricolored Heron
out at the end of the moraine trail, Curlew Sandpiper and Ruff seen on
the grassy lot near the nature center.
Sara and I had the Ruff on the west side of the grassy parking area
next to the nature center for a brief but good look until all the
birds took off towards the end of the Moraine Trail. The Ruff was with
a small group of Black-bellied Plovers. We did not relocate it until
Sara spotted it in the marsh that it had been originally reported in
at about 8pm. I spotted the Tricolored Heron out at the end of the
Moraine Trail while searching for the Ruff from Cedar Island. I found
the Curlew Sandpiper in a puddle in the Meig's parking lot at about
7:10pm standing next to a Dunlin and a few other shorebirds. The
Curlew Sandpiper was in almost full breeding plumage. The rich rufous
color under it's neck extended down to the belly and around the face.
I think it had some white patches on it's face and the bill was a
slightly more curved than a Dunlin.It took off while I was looking at
my field guide and none of us saw where they went. We spent the next
50 minutes trying to relocate the Ruff and the Curlew Sandpiper with
Janet Mehmel who arrived about 7:30pm. We plan on trying to relocate
these birds in the morning.

 From Tina Green:
05/15/12 - Westport. Sherwood Island SP -- White-faced Ibis on the
airplane field at 2:25 PM.

 From Frank Mantlik:
05/15/12 - Westport. Sherwood Island SP -- 3:30 PM; I saw the
WHITE-FACED IBIS with 6 adult Glossy Ibis at the airplane field about
3:30 pm.  It has iridescent glossy plumage, reddish legs, pinkish
facial skin, and a reddish eye, but lacks any distinct white around
the face.  I suspect it is a 1st-summer bird (born last year).

 From Ray Acker via Sara Zagorski:
05/15/12 - Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill Meadows -- Sandhill Crane at the
motocross area around 4 PM.  

 From Frank Mantlik:
05/15/12 - Stratford, Long Beach and salt marsh -- After seeing a
TRICOLORED HERON flying over marshes alongside me (Rt 113; 9:50am)
Charlie Barnard & I looked for it from Long Beach. We couldn't
relocate it. But I spotted an adult CASPIAN TERN flying east over
marsh, which CB also saw (10:15).  Then I saw an AMERICAN GOLDEN
PLOVER fly by with 1 Black-bellied (10:25). A number of usual
shorebird species around as well.

 From Chris Elphick:
05/15/12 - Willimantic -- I just received a report of a likely
swallowtail kite, seen by someone here at work, in Willimantic.  The
bird has been seen a couple of times over the last week, including
yesterday.  All sightings were in the area just off Pleasant St (Rte
32) on the south edge of town - between Card St in the west and South
St in the east, and centered on the patch of woods off Rte 289 (called
Young Field) on Google Maps.  The description sounds good. 

 From Gillian Kasser and Richard Trepp
05/15/12 - Greenwich, Audubon Greenwich (front field) -- Blue
Grosbeak, "Lawrence's" Warbler.

 From John Marshall:
05/15/12 - Litchfield, White Memorial's Point Folly, Bantam Lake -- 13

 From Patrice Favreau: 
05/15/12 - SouthWindsor, Donnelly Preserve -- morning; 1 or 2 Alder

 From Frank Gallo:
05/15/12 - Milford, Milford Point -- White-rumped Sandpiper feeding
with lots of other peeps behind the building.

 From Paul Carrier:
05/15/12 - New Hartford, Bakerville Swamp -- 2 late(?) Rusty
Stub Hollow Rd, up near north end left -- Yellow-bellied Flycatcher.

 From Gina Nichol:
05/15/12 - Branford, Flat Rock Road -- CERULEAN WARBLER.
Branford, Stony Creek Trolley Trail -- 2 MARSH WRENS.

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