[CT Daily] 05/23/2012

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed May 23 22:59:43 EDT 2012

 From Lorraine Gundersen:
05/23/12 - Guilford, West River -- around 8:30 AM; West River off of
River Street there is a parking area. AMERICAN BITTERN seen in the
reeds across from parking.

 From Paul Carrier:
05/23/12 - Torrington -- around 7 PM or so; 3 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS headed
north over Naugy river.

 From Kevin Burgio:
05/23/12 - Hamden, Brooksvale Park -- w/ Hannah Burgio; 2
Hamden Yard -- 1 WILSON'S WARBLER in with a nice wave of other

 From Joe Bear:
05/23/12 - Wilton yard -- Very strange but several times over the last
several years a KENTUCKY WARBLER has sung heartily as I did for 3
minutes this morning, 6 AM. Kind of late for it to just be passing
thru?  Previous years it would sing like this in June, further leading
me to believe it's nesting, or at least trying to. After these 1 or 2
episodes of song though, I don't hear it again for the rest of the
season. Backyard habitat is right.

 From Nick Bonomo:
05/23/12 - Milford, Milford Point -- Grey-cheeked-type Thrush heard
vocalizing from the parking lot.  It gave multiple versions of song
and call.  I've made a few recordings that should shore up the ID
either way.

 From Jerry Connolly with Rich Huck:
05/23/12 - Madison, Hammonasset SP -- 6+ SWAINSON'S THRUSH (very
conservative count, could well have been 3 times that amount)),
warblers including Blackburnian Warbler; all on Willard's Island.

 From Keith Mueller:
05/23/12 - Milford, Milford Point -- 1 RED KNOT.
West Haven, Sandy Point -- 1 LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER and 1 RED KNOT.

 From Paul Cianfaglione with Sara Zagorski and Dave Lawton:
05/23/12 - East Hartford, Cabela's Pond -- 20 SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHERS.

 From David Lawton:
05/23/12 - Avon, Tillotson Road at ponds near Fisher Meadows --
PHILADELPHIA VIREO (heard calling and watched feeding; not singing).

 From Frank Mantlik
05/23/12 - Milford, Milford Point (with others) -- 2 Red Knots.  3 Red
Knots seen on same sand bars short time later from end of Sniffens
Lane, Stratford (scope).
Stratford, Long Beach Blvd, McKinney NWR -- 2 Swainson's Thrush.

 From Greg Hanisek:
05/23/12 - Middlebury, Sperry Pond -- SWAINSON'S THRUSH (looks like
quite a good thrush movement today).
Watertown, Aunt Olive Road -- YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO, Yellow-bellied
Sapsucker (when I move here 20 years ago you had to go north of
Litchfield to find them in the breeding season. They're now widespread
in the Waterbury area).

 From Charlotte Matthews:
05/23/12 - Stratford, Housatonic Avenue -- 7:15 PM; Yellow-crowned
Night-Heron came within 10 feet of the house!  Found some worms and
then ambled over to our neighbors yard!  What a thrill to see it

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