[CT Daily] 09/02/2012

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sun Sep 2 22:56:05 EDT 2012

 From John Marshall:
09/02/12 - Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill Meadows -- 2 BUFF-BREASTED
SANDPIPER, in the first field on the left as you enter from the end
past the ferry.  AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER, in the sod field, close to
the woods, behind where the Lark Bunting was seen, near the T
Stratford, Access Road pool -- SORA, BLUE-WINGED TEAL, Virginia Rail,
The Sora appeared six or seven times between 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock
the Virginia rail appeared once. 

 From Ed Dettore:
09/02/12 - Rocky Hill, Rocky Hill Meadows -- 2 Buff-breasted

 From PaulCarrier:
09/02/12 - Harwinton, Leadmine Brook swamp -- 9:00 AM; 1 Olive-sided

 From Fran Zygmont:
09/02/12 - Barkhamsted, Lower Greenwoods -- 7-8 AM; 2 Philadelphia
Vireos, Wilson's Warbler, 3 Black Vultures, among other migrants.
09/01/12 - Barkhamsted Yard -- possible Red Crossbill.  Bird passed 3x
in 15 minutes and while playing Macaulay's type 4, had this bird
flyover apparently interested.  Not 100% convinced on ID but did see a
flyover with undersides like Purple Finch but less forked tail. Who

 From Tina Green:
09/02/12 - Westport, Smith Richardson Tree Farm -- Dickcissel flyover.
Sherwood Island SP -- Winter Wren (seen with Penny Solum),
Red-breasted Nuthatch, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

 From Andy Griswold:
09/02/12 - Ivoryton, Park Road, Comstock Park -- 8:0 AM;  OLIVE-SIDED
FLYCATCHER in Red Maple swamp on left as you arrive at the baseball
field. Other birds included a fly-over, vocalizing SOLITARY SANDPIPER
and likely fly-over, vocalizing BLUE GROSBEAK.

 From Andrew Landsman:
09/01/12 - Chester Village -- around 4:30 PM; Observed a Mississippi
Kite at low elevation. Circled around for several minutes.

 From Robert Dixon:
09/01/12 - Sterling yard -- RED CROSSBILL; single bird calling and
flying north at 9:49 AM. Second record for yard (first sighting
01/05/98). Also RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH (3) and PURPLE FINCH (1f).

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