[CT Daily] 11/04/2013

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Mon Nov 4 23:12:27 EST 2013

 From Greg Hanisek:
11/04/13 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park, hawk watch -- 2
ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS (one light, one dark), plus 5 BLACK VULTURES. Other
migrants of note: One flyover PECTORAL SANDPIPER; 2 COMMON RAVENS; 30
AMERICAN PIPITS; 10 SNOW BUNTINGS; 70,000 Common Grackles; 7,000
Red-winged Blackbirds.

 From Tina Green:
11/04/13 - Westport, Sherwood Island SP -- 8 Bonaparte's Gulls just
off of the east beach in a feeding frenzy with other gulls. They came
in to the beach and touched down very briefly before taking off and
heading east. I spotted one smaller gull with the Bonaparte's but was
unable to get a good look due to lighting.

 From Ryan MacLean:
11/04/13 - Greenwich, Audubon Greenwich -- 2 Sandhill Cranes heading
SW at 12 PM.  Also a juv Golden Eagle (at 8:30 AM), 2 Northern

 From Paul Carrier:
11/04/13 - Colebrook, Colebrook reservoir -- tight flock of 100 plus
SNOW BUNTING, most likely more.  1 Fox Sparrow.

 From Chris Loscalzo and Marianne Vahey:
11/04/13 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- a probable Razorbill
(officially a "large alcid" species) that flew by Meig's Point going
from west to east and out of sight.  It had a dark head, white belly
and dark kinked wings.  It flew low and fast over the water.  It was a
bit too far out to see bill size and shape.  Also,  Black Scoter, Snow
Bunting, White-crowned Sparrow.

 From Paul Desjardins:
11/04/13 - East Windsor, Broad Brook section, Mill Pond -- GREATER
Flaherty Field Trial area -- Fox Sparrow.

 From Claudia Longmore:
11/04/13 - Wethersfield yard -- 1 Fox Sparrowunder feeders in the

 From Frank Mantlik, with SUNRISE BIRDING Walk:
11/04/13 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park -- 5 Black Vultures,
1st-winter LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, 20,000 Common Grackles.

 From Annette Nejaime Pasek:
11/04/13 - South Glastonbury, Great Pond Backyard Feeder -- Male and
Female Purple Finch.

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