[CT Daily] 11/06/2013

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Wed Nov 6 22:02:26 EST 2013

 From Dan Rottino:
11/06/13 - Lebanon -- 4:45 PM; witnessing grackles by the hundreds of
thousands landing in Exeter swamp at Rte 16 / 207 in Lebanon.  They've
been streaming in from the east since before 4:30 with dense clouds of
them swirling around at times.  I am estimating 300,000.  They'll have
to fly out in the morning.

 From Frank Mantlik:
11/06/13 - Milford, Milford Point -- 75 Snow Buntings, 2 Nelson's
Sparrows, 1 "Ipswich" Savannah Sparrow.

 From Tina Green with NHBC 1st Wednesday group:
11/06/13 - Westport, assorted locations -- 2 Lesser Scaup, Peregrine

 From Paul Carrier:
11/06/13 - ?????, Twin Lakes -- pair Red-headed Ducks.
Goshen, East Street N -- 3 Rusty Blackbird.

 From Bill Asteriades:
11/06/13 - East Hartford, Hockanum River Linear Trail -- 7 PECTORAL

 From Steve & Charla Spector:
11/06/13 - Stratford, from Wayne's Walk (near Short Beach) -- male
Eurasian Wigeon (striking red head with golden forehead), Red-necked
Birdseye -- another Red-necked Grebe.
11/05/13 - Milford, Silver Sands SP, 2 Snow Bunting on main beach.

 From Aaron Dollar:
11/05/13 - New Haven -- juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker at the
intersection of Bradley and Lincoln Streets at 9 AM, primarily on the
tree directly on the north west corner of the intersection, but moving
between a few of the trees surrounding the house on that corner.
Later, at 2:30 PM, bird continued.

 From Richard Payne:
11/05/13 - New Haven -- 4 PM; Juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker found
earlier in the day was easily re-found on the corner of Lincoln and
Bradley Streets, in dead top of elm tree on the NW corner of the

 From Bill Banks:
11/05/13 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park -- 1 EVENING GROSBEAK.

 From Keith Mueller:
11/05/13 - Durham, Greenbachers Pond -- Cackling Goose, 7 Lesser
Middlefield, Lyman's Pond -- 2 Northern Pintail.

 From Chris Bosak:
11/05/13 - Darien, Selleck's Woods -- Brown Creeper, Winter Wren.

 From Frank Mantlik:
11/05/13 - Stratford, Sea-watching from several sites along the shore
(Stratford Point, Russian Beach, Long Beach) -- 3 White-winged Scoter,
4 Black Scoter, 2 Bonaparte's Gull.

 From Tina Green:
11/05/13 - Westport, Burying Hill Beach -- 2 Forster's Terns flying
east just off shore early in the morning.

 From Annette Nejaime Pasek:
11/05/13 - South Glastonbury, Cotton Hollow -- 2 Brown Creepers.

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