[CT Daily] 09/14/2013

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sat Sep 14 21:22:58 EDT 2013

 From Mary Covello:
09/14/13 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- Wilson's Phalarope at
Boulder Pond.

 From Mike Carretta:
09/14/13 - Madison, Exit 62 off 95 -- 10 AM; 6+ BLACK VULTURES.
Madison, Hammonasset State Park, Boulder Pond -- ~11 AM; I was with
the first group this morning to view the WILSON'S PHALAROPE, AMERICAN
GOLDEN-PLOVER in the nature center parking lot and LITTLE BLUE HERON.
Close looks at the Wilson's Phalarope ~3pm - leaving Meigs point, off
the side of the road past the nature center (large group of people as

 From James Purcell and Alex Burdo:
09/14/13 - Fairfield, Pine Creek area -- 6:00 to 11:30 AM; adult male
BLUE GROSBEAK present in the brushy vegetation at the Veres Street
entrance. The bird was seen in the area to your right if you're coming
from Veres, a couple of steps down the short trail. Other standouts
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, 8 Bobolink.

 From Chris Elphick:
09/14/13 - Windham, Windham airport -- 4 adult American Golden-Plovers
continue at Windham airport; easily viewable just a short way along
the dam from the parking lot on Rte 6.

 From Bill Asteriades, Jamie Meyers:
09/14/13 - Glastonbury, Riverfront Park and other parts of town --
male WILSON'S WARBLER.  Also, had a kettle of 23 broad-winged hawks
which is unusual for the CT River Valley.

 From John and Rebecca Ogren:
09/14/13 - Old Saybrook, Plum Bank Marsh -- 6:15 PM; 8 adult and a
possible 17 immature LITTLE BLUE HERON fly out of the marsh heading
towards Duck Island. About 15 minutes later another 3 adult with about
8 possible immature followed. It was hard to tell but I would estimate
that at least half of the questionable birds were immature Little
Blues and not Snowys.  This group has flown into the marsh just about
everyday at or shortly after daybreak and leaves as the sun is
setting. It would be interesting to note when the Little Blues are
being seen in Westbrook. If they are being seen during the day then it
would seem to be two different groups of birds.

 From Glenn Williams:
09/14/13 - Groton, Bluff Point State Park -- A number of observers
today at Bluff Point (arriving at different times and covering various
areas) had about 300 warblers of 13 species.  There were no really
notable species, but a pleasant morning.  For the first time this
season, blackpolls rivaled redstarts in number.

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