[CT Daily] 09/17/2013

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Tue Sep 17 23:35:44 EDT 2013

 From Tim Antanaitis:
09/17/13 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- 6:55 PM; 2 WHIMBREL
Silent flyovers heading towards Moraine Trail. 7:17 PM; 2 COMMON
NIGHTHAWK Flying over field near swan pond. 7:22 PM; 1 EASTERN
WHIP-POOR-WILL heard singing its name 4-5 times in 15 seconds as I was
leaving park (50 feet from stop light). It may be there and sing
pre-dawn if any birders who frequent Hammo might want to try for it,
you won't need to even enter the gate. 

 From Keith Mueller:
09/17/13 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- Adult Americdan
Golden-Plover, west end.  New bird from last week's juvenile.

 From John Oshlick:
09/17/13 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- 1 adult Golden Plover in
West Beach parking area.

 From Paul Desjardins:
09/17/13 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- American Golden-Plover
still present as of about 3:20. Also seen was a Blackburnian Warbler
at Cedar Island.

 From Mike Warner via Ryan MacLean:
09/17/13 - Greenwich, Audubon Greenwich -- Kentucky Warbler at the
entrance to the Hillside Trail.

 From Ryan MacLean:
09/17/13 - Greenwich, Audubon Greenwich -- Adult Red-headed Woodpecker
landed infront of the hawkwatch, seen by 7 people.

 From Tina Green with AJ & Sue Hand:
09/17/13 - Westport, CT Audubon Tree Farm -- Yellow-bellied
Flycatcher, Philadelphia Vireo, Mourning Warbler( my first in
Westport), Hooded Warbler(another first for Westport), Bay-breasted
Warbler, Wilson's Warbler, Yellow-breasted Chat.
South Pine Creek, (enter from Veres St Off Reef Rd) -- Blue Grosbeak
about 150 yards up the path that goes along the landfill area.

 From Bill Banks & Co:
09/17/13 - New Haven, Lighthouse Point Park -- Golden Eagle.

 From Frank Mantlik:
09/17/13 - Stratford, McKinney Refuge, Long Beach Blvd -- nice variety
of a number of migrants in pockets of woods; 2 Yellow-bellied
Flycatchers, Winter Wren, Swainson's Thrush.

 From Dorothy Wadlow with Audubon Soc of RI Tuesday AM group:
09/17/13 - Stonington, Barn Island WMA, first impoundment -- Little
Blue Heron 1 immature all white, Pectoral Sandpipers 3.

 From Sara Zagorski:
09/17/13 - West Hartford,Rt 44 Powerlines -- Cape May Warbler,
Bay-breasted Warbler.

 From Mardi & Townsend Dickinson:
09/17/13 - Westport, Burying Hill Beach -- 5:03 PM; 1 LESSER

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