[CT Daily] 09/30/2013

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Mon Sep 30 22:22:52 EDT 2013

 From Judy Richardson:
09/30/13 - Easton, Center Rd -- I was crossing the bridge over Hemlock
Reservoir when I saw a group of Mute Swans. Beside them, sleeping on
one foot was a BLACK SWAN! I assume it is an escapee from somewhere,
but I have never seen it anywhere around here before, and it made my
day.  It had a bright red bill, so I came home to look in my
Australian guide (I lived there in the 70s) to find it.

 From Mike Warner:
09/30/13 - Easton, Aspetuck Reservoir -- 3:24 PM; Just left the
Aspetuck Reservoir.  Along Rt 58, at the south end, between the
fountain and the dam I saw a large Black Swan.  The bird was uniformly
colored, has a red eye and a red bill with a white band across the
tip.  The feathers on it's back were randomly ruffled but not in a
disheveled way.  It was associating with the family of Mute Swans and
it appears to have a disdain for any Canada Goose which comes too
close.  I suppose I should add it's origins at this time are uncertain
but a very neat bird to look at!

 From Jamie Meyers: 
09/30/13 - Canton, Roaring Brook Nature Center -- 2 CAPE MAY WARBLERS
in evergreens along the west side of the field near the barn. Lots of
birds up there but many were difficult to ID high in the still densely
leafed trees.

 From Ryan MacLean:
09/30/13 - Greenwich, Audubon Greenwich, Quaker Ridge -- immature
Golden Eagle heading SSW.

 From Frank Mantlik:
09/30/13 - New Haven, East Shore Park -- 1:00 PM; drab female CAPE MAY
WARBLER. Check pine row and rows of planted deciduous trees at north
end of park, just south of sewage treatment plant.

 From Cynthia Ehlinger:
09/30/13 - Greenwich, Bruce Park -- 5 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS low over ball
field hawking insects at 5:20 PM.

 From  BK Stafford:
09/30/13 - Washington, Macricostas Preserve of the Steep Rock
Association -- A flock of at least 30 American Pipits in the
agricultural field.

 From Dan and Karen Mercurio:
09/30/13 - Meriden, Hanover Pond and the linear trail -- 2 Lincoln's
Sparrows, 3 Blue Winged Teal were the highlights of our walk this

 From Linda Clancy:
09/30/13 - Bloomfield yard -- CAPE MAY WARBLER, SWAINSON'S THRUSH, and

 From Paul Carrier:
09/29/13 - Norfolk, the wilds of -- an American Bittern in a nice
marsh next to a road.  At Twin lakes saw a flock of 12 plus Rusty
Blackbird feeding within a swamp.

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