[CT Daily] 06/28/2014

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Sat Jun 28 23:21:07 EDT 2014

 From Russ Smiley:
06/28/14 - South Windsor, Station 43 -- 9:00 AM; at least two Least
Bitterns were seen flying across marsh. Heard a possible 3rd and there
was a young Bittern or heron flying, too.

 From Patrick Comins:
06/28/14 - Madison, Hammonasset State Park -- The White-faced Ibis
continues as if 5:40 PM in the marsh east of the Willard's Island
parking lot, near the dumpsters.

 From Jim Dugan:
06/28/14 - New Milford - 2 COMMON NIGHTHAWKS. Set southbound and
calling at 6:12 PM. Seen and heard from our front porch. Quite a
summer evening surprise.

 From Fran and Tom Holloway:
06/28/14 - Groton, Haley Farm -- 8:00 AM; one female ORCHARD ORIOLE in
the marshy area next to the  swamp.
9:00 AM; one YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO at the far end of the field which
has a stone wall at its lower end.

 From Don Morgan:
06/28/14 - Windham, Boston Hollow/Barlow Mill -- 4 Yellow-bellied
Sapsucker, 2 Acadian Flycatcher, 1 Alder Flycatcher, 1 Red-breasted
Nuthatch, 2 Brown Creeper, 1 Winter Wren, 2 Blackburnian Warbler, 1
Purple Finch.

 From Dave Provencher:
06/27/14 - Lyme, Mt Archer -- Yellow-bellied Sapsucker pair seen while
I was hiking.  Male was drumming and aggressively responded to
drumming imitation. Pretty far south in CT for this species, maybe 6
or 7 miles north of Long Island Sound.

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